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March Happenings

lisa spiers

Thursday is here and it feels as though we’ve stepped solidly into March. The weather is changing, the sun is out longer and I have heard the the not-so-subtle honk of canadian geese. You may not be familiar with Manitobans but let me tell you that the three above topics (weather, daylight savings and geese) can keep us talking for a good while. Calling it talking is a bit of stretch really. I had a friend tell me she’d never heard people complain about the weather so much until she moved here. When I heard that I was shocked. Complain? Me? Us? But she was and is totally right. We think we’re talking tough ‘no weather can keep me down’ talk but what is actually coming out of our mouths is a sound more akin to a balloon filled with cat’s meows deflating.

I digress. 

more outdoors

With March having arrived, I’m having to bring my project planning to a conclusion and start the next step: Making. You know, actually move along to the physical making of the thing. The fun part. Also known as the sometimes scary or frustrating part. There’s a lot going on. Lots of ideas being put on the back burner because they need more thought or ideas that fall more into the category of ‘were never a good idea ever’ and get trashed. Then, there are the ideas that get to move onto the refining stage. Right now, I’m working through idea sorting. Trash, keep, think. Only some days it feels like ‘trash, trash, trash’ or ‘think, think, think’. C’est la vie.

Summed up, March is my month of tests, my friends. Specifically I’m testing some new sizes of ceramic planters, new glazes and a new block printing project (if you’re curious you can check my photos on instagram; I’ve posted some of the test results there). 

I wish you all the best on this somewhat chilly March day. 

Happy Thursday,



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