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erin and paper

lisa spiers

Remember that time I told you all about my sister Erin? Yes? Well, if you don't remember, take a look here, otherwise, I think it's about time I told you a little about the project she and I worked on. 

Erin and I happened upon an opportunity to collaborate recently. We came up with a project and what it boiled down to was this: we chose three of her poems and paired them with an image that I would embed into my hand made paper. 

Erin's poems are beautiful. I really enjoyed working on the project and making a surface for her words. I've included a few photos of the paper and Erin's poems in full.

So, here is a little look at our paper + words project.  

'Remember this place 
Remember the face you first learned
And all your first finger tracings, mind racings, day wasting
Mom lying quietly by
Impossible to close her eyes this first time'

'Like a hollow in her heart she saves your place
Waiting for you in a mad mad race
She drops her baton and stands her ground
Holds her breath til you're halfway found
Quick to wait and slow to leave
She's made it her every care to believe
Her blood and her skin and her hair and her breath
Might lead you back to the place you left'

'See that Boy? That's fire in his eyes
He's on fire from the inside
Living in freedom- there's nothing he can't take
And he has too big a heart for you to break'

Happy Tuesday




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