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Studio Snippet

lisa spiers

Time for an update. A Studio Snippet if you will (because who doesn't love aleteration?) 

 messy desk

Here's whats going on right now:

1. Mixing and firing new glaze tests for future ceramic projects. I call this 'auditioning'. 

2. Trying to step up my social media game. Somehow this has turned into more research and reading than actual posting. And I think I've been over thinking Pinterest for the past year. Or my understanding of it is still wrong. Either way, I'm working hard to make myself approachable. If you want to see the Pinterest version of L&R search us on there as L&R Studio. Also, there's always instagram-> @landrstudio

3. Designing some NEW products. 

4. Working on a commissioned piece for someone's home. 

5. Working on completing the physical studio space. Next up: Flooring. 

So that's whats going on right now. February's theme seems to be preparatory work, and that's ok. It's important. Insert cliche about every home needing a foundation, yada yada. It's all true. 

I hope your February has been kind so far. I look forward to talking more about the plans above in the near future with you all soon!

Happy Thursday,



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