Gold Dash Necklaces

lisa spiers

Incase you missed the instagram announcement, let me tell you that there are some new gold dash necklaces in the online shop. White glaze with gold luster on top. 


They are listed individually so you can order exactly the one you want. I’ve also included some that are 4 beads at a reduced price. 

A little info about the necklaces; 

Each bead is made by hand by myself in the studio. I fire them in my kiln, glaze them and fire them again. Then I string them on raw leather chord that softens and darkens in colour with age. The necklaces I make are all tied with a slip knot, so that the wearer can adjust the length at will. 


The beads themselves are irregular little spheres that clack together when you move around. They are tactile, durable and fun. 


Happy Tuesday




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