Erin Propp

lisa spiers


Erin Propp, is a Winnipeg based singer/songwriter. I would categorize her music style as Folk + Jazz. But if I only had one word to say what her music was like, I'd say 'storytelling'. That's one word right?

Now, I could tell you how beautiful her voice sounds. I could tell you how the lyrics she writes never feel put on, that they always have a quality of honesty. I could tell you that her and guitarist Larry Roy's album 'Courage my Love' was nominated for a Juno. But, instead, I'm just going to suggest that you go hear and decide for yourself on her site here

Anyways, besides being a singer, writer, wife, mother, great listener, giver of wise advice and so many other good things, Erin is also my sister.

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about her, her talent, and her site. Soon I'll be telling you about a project she and I are working on together, and I wanted you to already be acquainted with her. 

Happy Tuesday.


p.s. all photos in this blog post are courtesy of Megan Steen Photography.



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