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Actual 'Studio' News

lisa spiers

When people say the word 'art studio', it tends to bring to mind some high ceilinged, airy space in an old industrial style building downtown. Or an apartment style loft with hardwood floors and a freight elevator that may or may not be in use. With big plants, and paint splatters. Sky lights. Eisles. Models. None of these things are my reality. They are for some people, but not me.

The truth is that my studio had been spread out between a garage-turned-storage-space, a home's mudroom and a spare bedroom. Not exactly the romanticized bohemia as perviously described. None the less, this set up worked for me. You do what you can and you make it work. 

Lucky for me, this situation was temporary. 

When we decided to build our own garage, an important part of it was putting a loft space above it with a separate entrance that could be used as a studio. And now? The garage is built. The inside is painted, my mountains of studio stuff has been moved in (though not organized) and I've only called Health Links on one occasion.

All that to say, L&R Studio is officially in ONE studio. 

Happy Wednesday. 



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