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Studio Visit : Sara Clark

lisa spiers

Hello folks, and welcome to the first instalment of 'Studio Visit'. I gave a little bit of a spiel about what you can expect from this new series in last week's post here
We're beginning our studio visits with Sara Clark. I've had the pleasure of meeting Sara at pop up shops where we were both vendors, and it has been a treat to get to know her and see her work evolve. She's a warm and welcoming individual. Her work is thoughtful and precise. Her studio is bright and a fun space to be. 
I hope you enjoy this peek into her work life. 
Name and business: Sara Clark
City: Winnipeg

Medium(s): Wood, Resin, Fiber

Website: www.shopsaraclark.com

Instagram: @shopsaraclark

What are the influences/inspirations for your latest work/collection?
The knotted rope wall hangings were a bit of a fluke, but my most recent work was inspired by my heritage. My father immigrated here from China and my mother comes from a Ukrainian/Scottish family. Knots were a common theme in both Chinese and Celtic art and they had meaningful, sculptural features I loved. Left with some rope from the fiber jewellery collection I had put out in spring, I started practicing some of these knots and they morphed into these textured, decorative pieces. Needless to say, I'm in love with them! 
What book(s) do you find yourself re-reading?
I've never read a Kurt Vonnegut book I didn't like. (And let me tell ya, I've read a few.) Walden by Thoreau is a favourite of mine. A little slow to get through the first time, but the introvert in me is drawn to the solitude of Walden Pond over and over again.
What’s your guilty pleasure movie?
I'm a total sucker for those 80s teen movies. Say Anything, Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles. So good!
What advice do you have for people who hope to make a living as a maker?
Being a career maker can be a very rewarding experience, but it doesn't come easily. I find you get as much out of your work as a maker as you are willing to put into it. If you are constantly working on your branding, marketing, networking and customer service and you're taking the time to create beautiful work, you can be very successful. You can also become incredibly burnt out. It's an easy career to romanticize, and while I often have that amazing "pinch me" feeling about this business, it requires constant effort to maintain some kind of work/life balance and not become consumed by it. Know that it is an important part of who you are, but don't let your work become your identity. 
What is your favourite season work-wise?
I love fall collections. The changing seasons make you think about pieces people would be excited to wear and layer. Whether it's students heading back to school or preparing for holiday parties, it's an amazing feeling to see your pieces paired with clothing and outerwear and other accessories in endless combinations, some you may have never thought of yourself. Every client wears these pieces differently and it's a bit of a challenge to create pieces that make a statement but are easily worn. I'm looking forward to getting started on a fall line as soon as possible.
Happy Tuesday everyone. 

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