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Headboards in Home

lisa spiers

Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine how something will look in your home. I think this applies to most things; furniture, rugs, curtains (I actually cried when I bought my first set of curtains. Because I'm a big blubbering baby).

Now, I don't want you to cry in the car, holding a receipt in one hand and calling your mom with the other because you've had a stressful day and eventually just bought something that may or may not be the right size because you have constant foot traffic passing in front of your front window and it needs to be dealt with 2 months ago. No.

I want you to make an informed decision. And sometimes a photo of a textile wallhanging on a white backdrop just doesn't give you all the info you need. So, thanks to Kaitlyn Gibson's photo skills, I've got some photos of my textile wallhangings 'in situ' for you to peruse.

Because having a little context can be helpful. And so can calling your mom. 

Happy Wednesday


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