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Linen for the Holidays

lisa spiers


Just incase you thought I had run out of linen table cloth photos, here's a little Holiday instalment. This is the Slivers table cloth, 100% linen, hand printed by me, photographed by Kaitlyn Gibson.  

I grew up in a home where we decorated for Christmas the first weekend of December. I love decorating for Christmas. And while I'm away from home this weekend (see earlier posts about a road trip) I can at least keep the tradition in some small way. Even if that way is online via a blog. Or a dashboard Christmas sticker. But most likely a Christmas playlist.     

So happy decorating, for what ever season you celebrate! There are a few of these table cloths left in the shop, so if your plans involve a dinner or brunch, check them out. But friends, however you set your table, I hope you enjoy the company around it.  

Happy Thursday!


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