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Linen Outdoors

lisa spiers

It seems a little unfair to be showing photos of an alfresco dinner table when the weather  for so many of us is not even the teensy-est bit conducive to it. But here I go anyways. 





This is the 'Slivers' table cloth, and it works indoors and out. It's 100 percent linen. It's been handprinted by me. 

Maybe the month of November will allow for one more bout of outdoor drinks with friends. You can sit at the table with your hot cider, nibble on a warm apple hand pie, lap blanket on your knees with your coziest sweater on. All while you watch a friendly if not skilled game of foot ball take place in the yard. Maybe. I mean, lawn bowling would totally work too.  

But if not, just bring it all indoors. Keep the lap blankets and the cozy sweater. Definitely keep the cider. Please leave the football outside.    

Happy Tuesday,


p.s. All photos in this blog post were taken by the talented Kaitlyn Gibson!


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