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Necklace at Work : Gardening

lisa spiers

garden L&R studio necklace

I think everyone in the prairies is chiming in about spring's arrival right now. And yesterday, when my sister graciously allowed me to photograph her while at work in her garden sporting one of the new necklaces I've made, every single tired phrase of 'spring has sprung' came to mind. And you know what? They didn't feel so tired or overused to me. Because when you can feel the sun, almost anything, even old sayings about the weather, can be nice.    

Garden L&R necklace


garden L&R studio necklace


So with Spring here, I have some new necklaces in the shop as of Friday April 7th. It is my favourite necklace. They are neutral in colour, have just enough gold to make them fancy, but not enough that you can't wear them while gardening in your overalls, or doing whatever else. 


plaid gardening L&R studio necklaces


gardening L&R studio necklaces


gardening L&R Studio necklaces

Happy Wednesday, 


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