New in the Studio : Linen

lisa spiers


And when I say 'linen' I mean 100 percent linen. Linen that I've printed on using blocks I've carved myself to create a backdrop for your dinnerware. These are table cloths that will take you from everyday meals to formal dinners and back again with ease. 

I've created two styles of tablecloth. Both are printed using black ink and both can make the switch from casual to formal in a snap. The print featured in these photos is called 'bombshell'.

Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing photos that my photographer/design friend Kaitlyn Gibson has taken for me. I think her photos do a great job of showing some different sides of these linen cloths.

I bought this linen on a whim, and these specific colours are no longer available to me, so for now, these table cloths are a very limited edition. They will be available in the shop soon, ready to help you take pride in dressing your table for mac and cheese and braised tuna alike.

Happy Thursday,


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