New in the Studio: Sculptural Vases, an Introduction

lisa spiers

 L&R Studio vases cluster of 3

A few weeks ago on a warm spring day Kaitlyn Gibson (friend and photographer) and I lugged a few boxes, a big roll of paper, 1 bucket of flowers and 1 cake up 5 flights of stairs to the studio of Tony Chestnut and Sara Clark. Both artists had kindly agreed to let us use their space to take a few photos of my newest work; sculptural vases.  

I have been planning and thinking about these things for a long time. I wanted to create a vase that I liked that wasn't glass. I wanted them to be able to be displayed in groups and cause fun little interactions between each other. I wanted them to be interesting whether or not they had a flower in them. And so I made these, and it felt so natural to make them. 

L&R Studio vases cluster


L&R Studio vases tabletop


L&R Studio Vases clusters


l&R Studio Vases close up


L&R Studio photo shoot

I'll be posting more about these vases soon. I want to show you how they can transition from your breakfast eats to a wedding place setting like that *snap*. Then you can put them on your mantel and rearrange at will as you pass by, a little texture and wonky pattern in your surroundings. 

L&R studio winnipeg photo shoot


L&R Studio winnipeg photo shoot


L&R Studio winnipeg photo shoot


L&R Studio winnipeg photo shoot Kaitlyn Gibson photographer


For now, I'll leave you with some behind the scenes shots. Thanks so much to Sara and Jill for letting us crash your studio space! Thanks also to Kaitlyn who took these great photos and kindly pretended not notice my gasps for air while we shlepped stuff up the stairs. 

Happy Wednesday, 


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