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New Year Update

lisa spiers

L&R Studio ceramics

So the new year has already gotten underway, most of my resolutions are already half forgotten about, Galentine's day has come and gone, my studio is packed with projects that are ready to go out the door and here I am not having told you a thing about any of them!

1. My resolutions are not very exciting. Lets skip them. 

2. Galentine's was a blast! Sara Clark and I hosted a group of ladies in the studio of vintage maven Rachel (of Nettie and Min) and we all made necklaces together and tried on vintage clothes and ate cupcakes and cookies. Plus everyone went home with a goodie bag because that's the way of great parties in our books. 

3. Projects that are getting ready to leave the studio include one very large textile commission, one birthday present headboard and one special curtain order. I am documenting all three and each will get their own respective blog post with details and photos. 

4. I haven't told you a thing about this new year because I was swamped! Sewing and braiding and bringing on temporary studio assistants to assist with the sewing and braiding. It has been a wonderful wacky time. And while I'm working on projects and planning up some changes for this year, I figured now would be a good time to mention that if you want to get in on the list of custom wallhangings, now's the time to shoot me an e-mail (l@landrstudio.com) and we'll talk!

Alright, that's all for now folks.

Happy Friday


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