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Plant Pros : Our Farm Greenhouses

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Since I make and sell planters, I thought it would be sensible and practical to share with you some plant care tips. But I haven't. That's because while I know a lot about making planters and other art objects, I can't say that I know a lot about plants. I mean I know enough to keep mine alive. Mostly. But I figure when it comes to plant care, we should really consult people who know what they're talking about. So, I've reached out to some of my favourite greenhouses and plant professionals to ask if they wouldn't mind sharing with you some of their tips on succulent and cacti care. 

Succulent and cacti care

This time we're hearing from the fine folks at Our Farm Greenhouses.

Frequenting the St.Norbert Farmer's Market each summer, I often buy succulents and other goodies from Our Farm. They are incredibly helpful, friendly, and have a huge selection of cacti and succulents at great prices.

Here's what the Doherty's from Our Farm had to say about indoor winter succulent care.

Greenhouse: Our Farm Greenhouses

Website: http://ourfarm.biz/index.html

"Caring for succulents can be a bit frustrating in Manitoba. Mostly because our moisture temperatures fluctuate from day to day. However knowing the plants will definitely help take care of it. Let them go dormant for the winter. The way you do this is to actually limit their water amount giving them just enough for survival, that's it. For an 8-inch pot every three weeks a quarter cup of water, that's the general recipe. Don't forget 90% of succulents need extreme sunlight."

Thanks to the Doherty's for sharing their knowledge with us! You can ask them more questions via e-mail, their contact info is available on their website. You can also go and meet them yourselves at the farmer's market come spring time. 

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