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L&R Studiovases birthday party

Honestly, now that the weather has made a turn for the warmer, it just feels like picnics and garden parties could and should be happening every night. And while I can't help in every aspect of your party planning I can tell you what has been setting our party vibes over here at the studio: These vases. Because coral shaped, colourful and textured sculptures make any place a better place. You can almost forgo the cake (but I wouldn't).  

L&R Studio vases cluster close up


L&R Studio vases birthday cake


L&R Studio Vases birthday cake


L&R Studio vases birthday party


L&R Studio vases birthday cake


L&R Studio birthday vases

So cheers to all your spring and summer party plans! 

Happy Wednesday, 


p.s. All photos in this blog post were taken by the talented Kaitlyn Gibson. 

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