Fall, Fabric, and a Re-cap

lisa spiers

L&R Studio

Fall and Summer have been beautiful and full seasons over here at the studio. There have been studio moves that have been put on hold, then called off completely (but not after I had packed everything up! gah!) finished wallhangings, private commissioned rainbows for sweet baby gifts and more. But one change of late bears talking about; where our fabric comes from. 

L&R Studio Fabric from Tony Chestnut

Many of you know that I'm committed to reducing fabric waste in the making of my wallhangings. I began first by sourcing my materials mostly from second hand sources, laundering fabric remnants from crafts people and quilters in my area, then supplementing additional colours with new fabrics. 

For the past year and a bit (it was never a firm decision, but now is) I completely stopped buying new fabrics unless by request from a client ordering a commissioned piece. There are so many lightly or unused pieces of fantastic and interesting materials out there. I had stock piled so much selection, I just didn't need any new stuff. 

Don't let my 'there's just so much out there' statement make you think that I'm taking everything and anything fabric wise. I'm not. I am very selective when choosing the materials that I work with. Thats why I'm so excited about where I've been getting my latest fabric hauls.

L&R Studio braids

Where, you ask?

I've been getting my fabric from my favourite clothing designer Jill, of Tonychestnut. It's a dream. She makes gorgeous clothing out of carefully selected materials that vary in colour and texture, I collect the remnants of her collection and make textural and fun art for your walls. We all keep more out of the landfill.

Its just such a good thing.

I've already been making pieces out of Tonychestnut's linen and cotton this summer (you can see her super cool new collection here) and on Friday, October 27th, the shop will be updated with some of this work. And feel good about the purchases you make from your local artists! We care that what you buy is thoughtfully made!   

Happy Tuesday, 


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