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Studio Visit : Jeanine Saurette

lisa spiers

Earlier this month I got to take a walk through the painting studio of Jeanine Saurette. Located in the living room of her home, Jeanine's studio is welcoming, bright, and is at once a living space where you hang out and listen to records, as well as a work space where paintings are created. 

Jeanine is super welcoming and easy to talk to. It was so great to see her work up close. She makes paintings that are infused with pattern, line, and a minimalist aesthetic. I hope you enjoy hearing more about what she does and seeing her space.  


Name: Jeanine Saurette

City: Winnipeg

Medium: Multidisciplinary, emphasis on painting  

Website: jeaninesaurette.com

Instagram: jeaninesaurette


What are some of the influences/inspirations for your work?

Fashion trends tend to have an influence on my pallet and the materials I experiment with. Flesh tones, mints, and mustards paired with deep green, orange and of course black. I’m about to punch a bunch of big grommets through one canvas, we’ll see how that goes. Deborah Remington just popped into my radar and I freaked out. Her use of contrasting coloured lines and gradations with a central focus on a dark plane shows like its illuminated, I’m addicted. Anne Neukamp’s floating logo like symbols and scoured and layered backgrounds reveal the significance of her painting process. Fay Nicolson plays with line and the limits of painting, but also imparts a fascination with how choreography, pattern and musical scoring clash with embodied learning, intuition and expression.

What has been challenging thus far in your career?

Finding a balance between experimentation and routine. Lately, if I don’t have a clear path leading to a concise outcome I seize up a little. I worry my time could be better spent on something else, and I end up jumping from task to task without completing anything anyways. It comes down to focus and time management obviously, but also community.  My past two bodies of work were made somewhat spontaneously (Unfinished Basement and Sure Not Sure) and came from a lot of emotion. Reaching that level of emotion again seems so strenuous and really tough to sustain. I think working at home is challenging and has isolated me a bit. I’m just now learning how to embrace it and ask for community help when I need it. Also being comfortable with creating crap once and awhile!


When you need a studio break, what do you do? 

I cook, which gets in the way of me returning to the studio sometimes. I’m really into soups and squash. Maybe it’s the time of year or the simplicity of roasting veggies and either throwing them onto elaborate salads or blending them into soups. Mmm!


What sort of ideas are you currently interested in?

I’ve been attracted to Suprematist paintings lately, which is typically an array of geometric shapes suspended above a white or light coloured background. The variety of shape sizes and angles give a sense of depth, making geometric shapes appear to be moving in space. Kazimir Malevich based this movement on “ the supremacy of pure artistic feeling”. Lawrence Weiner has also blown my mind with his conceptual text work. Poised between Dissolution and Resolution is one of my favourite works. The ideas I’m currently exploring are focus and comfort levels in routine, and action vs. reaction, specifically in constant streams of scrolling within the social media sites. Impulse and productivity and visceral states leading to more impulsive decision-making are also influencing my work.


What do you listen to most in the studio?

My friends and I have made a shared Dropbox, an album club, where we upload any albums we are into at the moment. This is where my main intake of music happens, it’s interesting to see our tastes change and I am super lucky to have access to a diverse library. If I’m trying to get some ideas down Bill Evans and Flofilz (Jazz) have been super helpful. If I really have to motor badbadnotgood has been helping. If I’m painting I’m listening to Fiery Furnaces, Delicate Steve, Spazzkid, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Jamie xx, Blood Orange. I’m big on podcasts when I’m doing repetitive stuff like stretching and priming canvases, podcasts like 2 Dope Queens, Philosophy Bites, Moma Talks, Design Matters, WTF with Mark Maron, Radiolab (duh), Harmontown.







Happy Monday,



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