Studio Visit: Margaret Jane Design

lisa spiers

This month our studio visit is with Christie Peters of Margaret Jane Design. 
Christie works primarily with wool, something I'm pretty sure we've all crossed paths with these days (cue the dulcet tones of Nat King Cole's Autumn Leaves). She makes jewelry as well as art pieces for the wall. Her translation of the felted medium into super fun contemporary creations is all at once unexpected and familiar. I'm a fan.   
So here's a peek into her workspace and her studio life. Happy reading. 

Name and business: Christie Peters, Margaret Jane Design

City: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Medium: Wool, Copper, and Leather


Instagram: @margaretjanedesign

What sort of ideas are you currently interested in?
My past couple of collections have been built around an exploration of form. A piece of felted wool weighs very little, and I am interested in finding new ways of giving it unexpected weight and shape.


How did you come to choose the methods you currently work in?

The world wide web. A friend and I fell in love with some felted scarves online and taught ourselves how to make our own. Over the years I have refined my techniques with the help of some talented women. There is just something about this medium that I am totally hooked on. It is versatile, tactile, messy, and steeped in tradition. Until I find the limits of what it can do, I will keep on rubbin' that wool. 


What are the tools you’d never be without in your practice?

Bubble wrap! It provides the perfect amount of agitating lubiness needed to felt.


What do you listen to most in the studio?

Podcasts, podcasts and more podcasts. Storytelling podcasts, nerdy science podcasts, a podcast where a dude reads his Dad's erotic novel aloud to his friends (which is the funniest thing I've ever heard and you should definitely check out 'My Dad Wrote A Porno'), I love keeping my brain busy while my body is working.  


What is the best thing about the medium you work in?

Aside from having the cleanest and softest hands in the land from rubbing wool, felting feels like a combination of sculpting and painting, and presents an infinite number of possibilities. 

Margaret Jane Design has a trunk sale coming up that I highly suggest you go to. Here's the goods on that:

What: One of the coolest shopping opportunities. 

Who: Margaret Jane Design (Christie Peters), Tony Chestnut clothing, Sara Clark, and Commonwealth mfg. 

When: October 21, 6-10pm

Where: Forth, 171 McDermot

I also suggest you go early. And enjoy a cocktail. 

Happy Wednesday folks.


p.s. Christie took all the pictures you see on this blog post. She's pretty great. 

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