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L&R Studio visit sunday feel

I was introduced to Sunday Feel wearables through my friends' jewelry collections. It felt like all of a sudden, everyone walking past me was wearing these super-cool-fancy-but-laid-back-but-edgy brass and thread necklaces. And then there was these dangly earrings that were like artful mobiles. Who was making these things?

Enter Mangie of Sunday Feel. Friendly and welcoming, the woman behind these cool, edgy and artful pieces graciously answered a few questions about her work, her new found love of Apple music and sent along a few photos of her work space. Chatting with Mangie is a treat and if ever you're at a pop up shop she's attending, go on over and get acquainted. She is so passionate about making wearable art for you to enjoy and express your style in, you can't help but walk away feeling good.       

L&R Studio visit sunday feel


Name and business: Mangie aka Sunday Feel

City: Winnipeg

Medium: Jewelry design & fabrication! Brass & silver are my materials of choice


Instagram: @sundayfeel


What sort of ideas are you currently interested in?

I’m super into abstract and organic shapes at the moment. Movements and textures. My tastes are constantly changing. I’ll be into some concept and obsessively explore that idea until I feel like I’ve delved into every crevice, then my sights change and I move on. My older work is very geometric, lots of lines and triangles. It’s funny to me that I’ve moved on because before my brain would only think in triangles for the longest time! It’s also very linked to my personal style, I’ve always expressed myself through my clothing and now my jewelry making is just another extension of that expression!


How did you come to choose the methods you currently work in?

I took a basic metalsmithing class when I first started learning. We touched base on many areas and aspects of jewelry fabrication; saw work, forging, casting etc. Out of everything I was learning, hand cutting just instantly drew me in, and made the most sense to me creatively. I saw so many interesting possibilities in simple hand sawing. That’s why so much of my work is saw based, I’m obsessed with it, and I feel the need to explore it to it’s furthest reaches. I want to be a master of the saw! I’m slowly learning about other techniques too as I go along and I try to incorporate a new learned skill or two into every new collection. I'm also always into trying to incorporate unorthodox methods into jewelry design and making. Shake it up a little bit!


What do you listen to most in the studio? 

Music. So much music. It’s such an important part of my studio life. I have a pair of headphones in from start to finish when I’m working. It blocks out some harsh noises, and it’s the perfect time to explore new music. I’m on soundcloud a lot, there’s a lot of underground electronic music to be discovered and some awesome radio shows. I’m often jamming to lofi hip hop, future beats or some grimey bass while I work. Eevee is an artist I’m in love with right now, and same with Dj Complexion’s radio show if you truly want to know the music behind the jewelry! I love to groove while I work. I also just got with the times and got Apple music so I’ve been listening to a lot of albums, a lot of hip hop. So many albums at the tip of your fingers, I'm still pretty excited about it right now!

What is the best thing about the medium you work in?

The end result and being able to adorn people with items I’ve lovingly made, and having them love it too! My jewelry is such an expression of myself, and people get to incorporate this jewelry to help express themselves as well! A beautiful circle! The thing I hear most from customers, are people telling me whenever they wear my jewelry that they get so many compliments! That’s a nice feeling, so that reaffirms that what I’m doing is making people feel good and I’m pretty pleased with that!


Do you have any rules for your art?

Always bezel the edges… It’s kind of a little signature I do, I just love a good bezelled edge :)

L&R Studio visit sunday feel


L&R Studio visit sunday feel studio tools


L&R Studio visit sunday feel studio tools


L&R Studio visit sunday feel


L&R Studio visit sunday feel


L&R Studio visit sunday feel


L&R Studio visit sunday feel


L&R Studio visit sunday feel


Thanks so much to Mangie for these photos and this insight into her work!

Happy Tuesday,



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