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Upcoming Blog Series

lisa spiers

Hello friends, 

Out of what feels like a myriad of ideas percolating in my brain, one of them is on its way to the fore front. It's not my grocery list. It's almost never my grocery list.  

Starting this month I will be publishing the first instalment of a monthly blog post called "Studio Visit". Each post will include a few questions and answers and photos of the artist's work and workspace. The questions will pertain to their current projects, studio, and their influences. It's an opportunity for you and I to become more familiar with those near and far who are making and creating. 

These are not comprehensive in depth biographies. These are just 3-5 questions and answers that you can read during your coffee break. They are meant to act as a glimpse into their life and give you the tools and get-up-and-go to check out their work for yourself. 

Check back next week for the first instalment. I think you're going to like it.

Happy Friday,


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