New in the Shop

lisa spiers



Hello folks, tomorrow morning the shop will have some new wallhangings available, and I thought it'd be nice for us to get acquainted with the new arrivals. Two things:

1. These wallhangings are made almost exclusively of fabric remnants from local clothing designer Jill of Tony Chestnut. That means all the carefully selected, hand dyed linen, soft hemp and unprocessed cotton that Jill chooses to make her beautiful kimonos and dresses and jumpsuits have also been used to make some wall art. Huzzah to friends and reducing waste! 

2. There are some old favourites here shape wise. There are little clouds and arcs, but there is also a rainbow shape, the first one I've ever made. It's new, it's fun and it's bright. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the work I've been doing this summer. 







Happy Thursday Friends. 



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