Wallhangings large and small

lisa spiers

Cream Coloured L&R studio arc shaped wallhanging

I have been busy this past January and February making a lot of things, but some of my favourites among them so far are these wallhangings.

They have mostly muted colour schemes, vary in size, and are all of course easy to install with grommet backings. The tiny cloud only takes one nail or screw in your wall for it to be hung. 

Tiny Cloud Wallhanging L&R Studio


L&R textile wallhanging

All of my textile work is hand braided and then hand sewn by me. Large pieces take anywhere from 8 to 16+ hours to complete. I make them using repurposed materials and fabric remnants and use strong upholstery thread to sew them. Even though certain shapes repeat, the fabrics and direction of the braid are constantly changing, making each piece unique.

You can find these textile pieces in the shop. 

Happy Thursday, 


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