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About Us

L&R Studio About us Lisa



Lisa Schroeder is a visual artist working in Southern Manitoba, Canada. After graduating with her BFA(hons.) from the University of Manitoba, Lisa began her studio practice under the name L&R Studio. Interested in concepts of domesticity, personal coping mechanisms, and traditional methods of making, Lisa creates functional and non functional art objects. These pieces range from tiny vases to large textural wallhangings. Her work has been shown in galleries, local pop ups, and private collections.    



I’m Lisa. I’ve been making things ever since I was small. Using sculptural and traditional methods of craft, as well as drawing, paper making, printmaking, and hand building, I have always found working with my hands fulfilling. 

I live 10 minutes away from my childhood home and while I enjoy travelling (road trips especially), the rootedness that comes from familiar spaces and close relationships is something very dear to me. It isn't really surprising then, that my family has heavily influenced my work. Their humour and practicality are manifest in the way I realize projects and in the reasons I make what I make. We are a close group with family legends and stories that have knit together our past and present. Stories have acted as a communicative anchor for us, a quality that has affected how I approach my work.

I’ve worked in the arts and art educational industries and a couple of other odd things in between. I designed the house that my husband and I built and live in, hiked through rainforest and volcanic crater, collected and built my own paper making equipment, and married the love of my life. Life is all at once short and long and I am very grateful for it. 





What does L&R stand for?

  • ‘L’ stands for Lisa (me) and ‘R’ stands for Rob, my husband. His helpful, positive attitude makes this work great. He’s basically the best. Cue Chicago’s you’re the inspiration (a song he HATES).


How are the wallhangings made?

  • I make all the wallhangings using the braided-rug technique. I repurpose unused materials from a Winnipeg clothing designer and different sewing communities in my area to create the braid, then I lay it all out into the shape I want and hand stitch it all together. All textile pieces are sewn by hand.


Do you take orders for commissions?

  • Yes! I’d love to work with you and create something specific for your space. E-mail me at l@landrstudio.com  


What sort of things effect the cost of a wallhanging?

  • Three things. 1. Timelines: needing a laborious task done quickly means bringing in some assistance. 2. Size: the bigger the wallhanging, the longer and more fabric it takes to make. 3. Fabric colours: because I source my materials 2nd hand in an effort to reduce fabric waste, I may not have a specific colour you want. If that’s the case, I’ll source it out for you new. Want to get a quote for a project you have in mind? E-mail me at l@landrstudio.com  


How long does it take to make a wallhanging?

  • It depends on the size and if it’s a custom order. A three by four foot wallhanging will take about 40 hours to complete. A wallhanging of the same size made as a custom order will take 40 hours plus. It’s very important to me that you know what you’re getting when you place an order, so I send photos at certain check points for your approval (colour choosing, braid lay out, final layout), and depending on what needs to be tweaked, this can take time. It’s absolutely worth it so that everyone is happy with the end result.   


 Is there any wiggle room on the time? I have a tight timeline on this project. 

  • Yes! I have a small roster of talented stitchers and braiders that I can contact to hire for your project. I value the laborious and skilled work that these women do and compensate them fairly for their time, so this will be reflected in the quote of the wallhanging.  


What about install? 

  • Each wallhanging I make can be simply installed so that the hardware is not visible and it looks like it’s just floating there. For larger works (6 feet and up) I can be booked to install it for you. 


What about those ceramics?

  • All ceramic pieces are hand built (no moulds) and are painted with glazes I make. I have a kiln in my studio so besides the clay that I buy it’s a complete in house process.